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Thread: OTW Vanguard Build

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    Default OTW Vanguard Build

    Well here's a nice new building thread for the forum. I know it's about time I built a sub again.

    I'm building a OTW Vanguard for a return customer. First one I built for him was a OTW Upholder.

    So the kit got here and as usual it's a clean and well made kit. Great gel coat and scribed details without a bubble in it. Just ready to go and paint.

    The PJ is a site to behold. It's cast steel from the looks of it.

    All the appendages in this kit are pre slotted, drilled and shafts are installed. All clean and devoid of bubbles.

    The sail is just great too and the pre slotted top section is all ready to slide in all the premade masts, ants, and scopes.

    Lastly it came with another one of Bob's killer modules. These things are so well made you just want to put it on display!

    Tomorrow Ill start cutting the hull and off I go.

    This time the customer has asked me to do a stand off paint job. Still it will be nice for sure.

    Remember if anyone needs a boat built call on me.

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    Propulsor is lost wax cast aluminium. All the appendages are reworked by Dave Merriman, and were given over to OTW to include with new kits.

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    Thanks Andy. Bob told me this morning on the phone. Understood.

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    Got a good day in on the boat today and made the dreaded cut. Bob designs his boats with a lip or flange that goes all the way around the inside edge of the two hull halves. This makes the seem line very tight and good fitting.

    The top of the hull gets cut only. No Z cut. Two screws counter sunk fore and aft will hole the top down and nearly be invisible.

    This gives one excellent access to the module and linkages. Easy hook up to the bow planes.

    I made and placed the inside bulkheads to the cut sections with thick styrene and backed it up with epoxy resin.

    Fore and aft sections are now epoxied in place. Holes drilled for the appendages. Once the epoxy sets over night I can tomorrow fill the minor areas of the seam and attack the PJ, and attach the appendages and sail.

    So far this kit builds like a dream and David's improvements go a long way to making this a very fast build.

    I don't usually go in for modern boats much. but I got to say this boat has beautiful lines and appeal. Very British sports car. I like it.

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    Here's the inside bulheads at the ends of the cut sections.
    More tomorrow folks.

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    How are you going to hold the halves together, I lipped the stern & working on your principal for your upholder, built a sliding catch in the fwd section, it's hidden under the fwd hatch & operated by a small rod.
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    Just two counter sunk screws level to the deck this time. It just make a tighter fit IMO.

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    Lets see. Got the sail attached. It is removable with two screws.

    All bearings, planes and their controls to attach linkages are done. Had to make those from scratch. Wheel collars and brass. They work great. Nice and solid.

    Got the prop shaft bearing support installed. I made that out of Lexan sheet.

    Pump jet is attached for good. Blended and ready for primer.

    Next I need to add the registration pins to alight and close the top half. Final preen and drill out the drains and limber holes. Most are round thank the sub gods and not too many. Then a bit of primer and it's time to mount the module.


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    Got the brass alignment pins in today and the two halves of the hull line up perfectly.

    First I place the brass pins in the lip topside. To get them aligned to the bottom half, and to know where the holes should be drilled, I used painters tape over the pins and the lip.

    Used an exacto to cut the tape even with the outside of the hull and transfered it to the bottom half and marked their locations. This simple trick brought me to a near perfect alignment.

    And a little drilling and filling with CA adjusted it to edge to edge. I then made epoxy putty and placed it under the holes and close the hull up. Later I pulled it apart and there's a nice thick supported epoxy hole in addition to the lip.

    Tomorrow I get to drill the drains and limber holes. Then add the cradles for the WTC.


    Nice detail on this model.
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    Lots more done. Got the brass deck mounts made and counter sunk brass screws through the top of the deck. Really holds it snug and the screw tops will look like part of the deck when painted black.

    The the mounts installed for the WTC. I had very little room to work with side to side on this model to hold down the WTC. It has blocks to keep it from moving forward or backward and a bar to keep it from turning, but up and down was a problem. So I made up some brass straps and attached to the hull with dental acrylic. You can use either rubber bands or the zip ties to hold it down. Works well.

    Next I had to drill out all the drains and vents. Once that was all done I removed all the hardware and painted the inside all flat black.

    Tonight I'll but back in the WTC and make all the linkages. That takes care of all of the busy work and tomorrow I can start painting the boat.


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