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Thread: A new 1/96th Sturgeon kit

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    Default A new 1/96th Sturgeon kit

    One of the biggest mistakes of my life was to sell off the molds to my old 1/96th Scale line. In particular I have greatly missed driving my old SSN 637 Sturgeon around. She is still the finest handling boat I have ever driven. Permit is close, but not quite a sure a driver as Sturgeon. Being almost identical to the Permit except in length, I have decided to do a bit of surgery to lengthen a set of Permit Hulls to be the proper dimensions for a Sturgeon. The first step is to lay up a nice set of two tops and two bottoms. I need two of each to be able to lengthen the hull to the exact dimension required for the project.

    The first pair:

    ..and two more:

    These hull halves are being pulled from the PERMIT intermediate mold, so they are completely devoid of all surface detail.

    Here are both sets of halves, top and bottom, next to each other.

    As you can see, the Permit hull halves are shy of the correct overall length in 1/96th scale by about 1.8"

    The hard part in this entire project is the surgery. Getting the four 1/4 hull sections to mate back up to being nice and straight is NOT easy...

    A razor saw is used on all four sections. The aft portion of each new hull half is cut where 1.8" more hull will be joined to its new forward section.....

    The secret here is to not worry so much about the gap being a perfect fit when both halves are placed together. The trick is to get both halves perfectly straight by aligning them with a metal straight edge. I used a thickened mixture of 20 minutes laminating resin and fumed silica to tack the two halves together.

    Here you can see the underside of the joint. When both halves are permanently secured I, again, use a thickened resin and 1.5" wide tape to join them. I use 1" carbon fiber tape over the joint and along the length of the hull on both sides to stiffen the hull. The thickened epoxy flows nicely into the joint, thus filling any gaps that may be present from an imperfect mate from the joining process.

    Here is the finished joined upper Sturgeon hull half....

    Now on to the lower half......The goal is to have the first production SSN 637 at the SubRegatta at Keystone in July. She may only be in primer, but she is going to be on patrol once again....


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    This makes Keystone all that more exciting! Really looking forward to see this sail!
    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.

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    very cool Matt!!

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