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I need the formula that calculates how thick a material should be to withstand a certain depth. The one in Model Submarine Technology is for a flat sheet, whereas I need one for a dome. Anyone know it?



01-21-2006, 09:13 AM
where the AREA is in your calculation, use (4/3*pi*r^3). that is the SURFACE AREA OF A SPHERE. if you dont understand that, tough shit, im not gonna explain it to a 15 year old kid.

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Found it.


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A Nice LARGE Cup


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thats the best you can do you stupid troll, someone tries to help your dumbass out and thats the thanks we get. go hit puberty you little faggot.

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So basically everything you just said was crap, just like your first post.


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you really are an idiot, i KNOW the formula you speak of (if in fact you are using the right one, but guessing from your post you are not using the correct formula). the right formula uses a cross section of the area in question that the said pressure is to be exerted on. that is a fact you dumb little punk. likewise, if that said area comes from a sphere instead of a flat surface, then one has to adjust the formula for the area in question. but i seriously doubt that you could actually do the derivative to calculate the surface area of a sphere. another thing, do you even know what a derivative is?? Now, as Stone Cold Steve Austin once said, "Shut the hell up!"

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Well thanks for all your help, sadly you really aren't worth my time so I won't be responding to anymore of your posts.

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Either register and have a name or leave. Don't worry I'll activate your account because I will live up to what I've stated in the past.

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Sign at least, mr Guest from FL. You can have something against Michael, thats your business but please sign.

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Thanks Guys, but I really think it should be a 'sign up to post' type of forum.

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You are doing the worst thing with this person ,I say person because there is no indicator of gender unless you take into account the lack of balls to register and giving a name, by responding to this persons raves. Keep giving this person fuel and the fire will keep burning, take away the fuel......... you get the point.

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Don is right.


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