It is time to do a build thread on the 1/72 USS Permit/ Jack. The reason why this is called the Permit / Jack project is because I initially plan on building the molds and tooling for the Permit, and then will modify it to the Jack. This will be my second sub. I guess before I get into the nitty gritty I should reveal a bit about myself (not too much though as I want to retain a certain level of mystique!) I am a Instrument Technologist and am currently working with a firm that builds exremely large natural gas compressors. I used to do cabinetry and woodworking for a living but found I would just rather do it for fun. My main hobby is designing and building high-end loud speakers for home theater. I have built a few models over the years but perhaps some of you will think of my methods to be a little unorthodox as I think I might approach things differently due to my background. I am approaching this project more for the building experience and learning than I am the finished product. Anyways, here is the scope:

1-Build 2 part mdf plug mold
2-Create female mold using urethane rubber
3-Form all appendiges from mdf
4-Create appendige molds using rtv
5-Create appendiges using Alumilite
6-Layup hull(s)? and sail using epoxy resin and glass fiber
7-Create counter rotating gearing for Jack drive system
8-Install D&E minature 3.0 WTC
9-Install linkages a drives including operable sailplanes
10-Create and install scale 4 shot torpedo system
11-Put it all together and I will be able to reclaim dominace over the local Rocky Ridge Pond.

This is a pic of my garage/shop. When will it ever stop snowing? Will I ever be able to get out of it? Hopefully not.