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Thread: Armed USS Permit/Jack Scratch Build

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    ManOwaR Guest

    Default Armed USS Permit/Jack Scratch Build

    It is time to do a build thread on the 1/72 USS Permit/ Jack. The reason why this is called the Permit / Jack project is because I initially plan on building the molds and tooling for the Permit, and then will modify it to the Jack. This will be my second sub. I guess before I get into the nitty gritty I should reveal a bit about myself (not too much though as I want to retain a certain level of mystique!) I am a Instrument Technologist and am currently working with a firm that builds exremely large natural gas compressors. I used to do cabinetry and woodworking for a living but found I would just rather do it for fun. My main hobby is designing and building high-end loud speakers for home theater. I have built a few models over the years but perhaps some of you will think of my methods to be a little unorthodox as I think I might approach things differently due to my background. I am approaching this project more for the building experience and learning than I am the finished product. Anyways, here is the scope:

    1-Build 2 part mdf plug mold
    2-Create female mold using urethane rubber
    3-Form all appendiges from mdf
    4-Create appendige molds using rtv
    5-Create appendiges using Alumilite
    6-Layup hull(s)? and sail using epoxy resin and glass fiber
    7-Create counter rotating gearing for Jack drive system
    8-Install D&E minature 3.0 WTC
    9-Install linkages a drives including operable sailplanes
    10-Create and install scale 4 shot torpedo system
    11-Put it all together and I will be able to reclaim dominace over the local Rocky Ridge Pond.

    This is a pic of my garage/shop. When will it ever stop snowing? Will I ever be able to get out of it? Hopefully not.

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    ManOwaR Guest


    Let's start the procedings. First order was to rip down a half sheet of a 3/4" thick mdf. Next I glued up all the 6" planks with yellow wood glue. Clamps and a few hundred pounds of weight on for a few days would ensure a nice tight bond.

    I can almost see that Goddam Permit frozen in stasus in that block of wood.

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    Nice to see this, another building thread on SP.

    You may proceed.

    Oh lord and ruler of SP


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    ManOwaR Guest


    Next, I had to cut this slab into 2 as my lathe only has capacity for 46". The Permit is 46" in 1/72 but I need to allow for extra material on each end to allow for attachment to the lathe and to allow for ample room to move my tools on the ends. Once I cut the slab in two with my circular saw I found the dead center on point on all the ends and then used my compass to draw the 5.2" diameters. This gave me an idea as to where I could run these blocks through the table saw on 45 degree angles to get rid of some unneccesary material. By doing this you lengthen time between having to sharpen the tools, shorten the time it takes to turn down the pieces, and produces alot less sawdust...because god knows there there will be enough already. I should have taken more pictures but when I'm in my sub-building obsession mode I tend to forget to do this! Anyways here is the forward section turned down to a rough round shape. This was done with a roughing gouge and a rounded scraper.

    Next step was to measure and mark all the section lines as per Greg Sharpe's plans. All that was needed was a single solid line made with a sharpie. Next, I got the section outside measurement using calipers and basically I just cut into each marked reference line with a parting tool down to the exact point that I wanted. It is important to note the the edge of the parting tool was to brought to the line on the low side. This ensures that I wont go lower than the high point...or something like that.

    Final shaping was done using a combination of the roughing gouge and and a skew chisel. I found that I didnt leave enough room to work on the front of the bow so I am going to have to do a little digging later. To get the shape perfect, the key is to use a quarter sheet of 60 grit sand paper folded into three and just drag it on the wood at a faster lathe setting. So far so good!...So what? hehe

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    ManOwaR Guest


    I will post pics as soon as I stop having problems with this imageshack thing


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    Photobucket! Forget image shack. Make a free account and get an album . It provides links to your images you can always go back to and use again and again.

    I took down image crap and postimage or lack there of it because they are often down leaving your readers wondering if the cheese as slip off the cracker by your referrals to images that aren't there. LOL!!


    I use it for all Merriman's cabal reports I post for him and my own build threads like the current 212. You'll like it.


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    ManOwaR Guest


    t'will be images...yar!

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    Very good matey!



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    ManOwaR Guest


    As apparent in the pictures there are some flaws due to my over zealousnous and inexperience on the wood lathe. I havn't used one of these since I was in high school. No big deal though as I have west system epoxy and microlite fairing filler. The initial plan was to seal the mdf first with something. As I found on my last project (1/72 LA) this stuff dominates over bondo and that red glazing putty. Its far stronger, smells better and sands like a dream. Also, I found that you dont even have mix up much as it seals very well with very little. I think I'm going to use this stuff for my mdf speaker cabinets so I dont have to prime with 10 coats!

    Here is a pic of the stern section. I'm using the filler to get the far aft part back up to the proper measurement and shape.

    I will put these back on the lathe, sand 'em up and do an over-all coverage with the epoxy.

    Next: The Sail

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    Looks damn good to me. It takes weeks by hand for me to shape a hull this clean. Although a 212 would be difficult to do if at all on a lathe I did do the 598 and blueback by wiring cutting and hand work. Not fun.

    This is a great start! Huh boys?


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