Sub Pirates is now FREE.

If you have been a PAID member.
Thank you very much.
Sub Pirates is here because you made it possible to get things off the ground and keep going.
Matt of Precision Pattern has taken over the costs associated with the forum.
Thank you, Matt.

Those who have been PAID members read this from Matt's post....., "PLEASE go to the subscription panel in the account section of your paypal account and cancel future payments to SubPirates."
Disregard the following.
Sub Pirates would like to Welcome you to our little forum.

We build model submarines and other things. But mostly submarines. We like to share how we get things done. Especially when it comes to radio controlled working submarine models.

Sub Pirates as three levels of access.

1. Visitors: You have access to the General Discussions section, only.
You have read only privileges. Sorry, you can not post.

2. Registered Members: Just sign in so we know who you are. ($0)
You have access to the General Forums area and all Topics in the General Forums.
You have access to all the Topics in the General Forums section. You also have posting privileges
in all the General Forums area.

3. Paid Members: For $20 per year you can have access to all the Forums and Topics.
You have read and posting privileges in all Forums and Topics.
Sub Pirates has over 4000 threads and over 44,000 posts to browser over.

Why do we charge a minimal subscription fee? The answer is simple:

1) SubPirates has expenses just like every other site on the web. This is a time intensive effort and costs are involved with the maintenance and upkeep of the site.

2) SubPirates is not run as part of a business, so the so called "free access" sites owned and run by vendors come with the price of only being exposed to their products and having them constantly shoved down your throat. Those sites are run with an iron fist, and "free" exchange of ideas is tightly controlled.

3) We are not a club owned and run site that charges a fee to join and receive a publication. These types of publication fees subsidize these types of websites.

3) If you are serious about this hobby and seek the advice and company of some of the finest submarine modelers on the planet, then the small fee for admission to the paid areas is more than worth it! If you frequent the truly free sites that are open to everyone you will quickly see that the vast majority of the contributors have absolutely no idea as to what they are doing and the advice you get is exactly what you would expect. The old saying that "You get what you pay for" certainly rings true. I think you will find the VAST majority of the contributions made to this site by the members is, by far, the highest quality on the internet for this hobby.

4) Sub Pirates is NOT a politically correct site. Many of our members are active or retired US Navy Submariners. These people are the finest human beings on the planet, but are not known for being politically correct. If you are looking for a "Nanny" type website, this is not it. As long as you keep your posts free of "explicit" speech and visuals, you are free to post just about anything on your mind.

Sub Pirates has made the decision to approve all who sign up to be Members. We do watch for posts and threads that are self promoting of things other than model submarine and real sub stuff. Example. Links in signature going to shoes, clothes and services not related to our topics. Posting the same message in several Topics and Threads to get the links visible. When we find this happening or it is pointed out by our members, we will delete the offending membership along with all your posts. We consider this Spamming. If some one asks a direct question about something not sub related others can respond with appropriate information to the question.

Welcome Aboard!