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    Now moving on to finishing up the 707 prop to CAD. I had this prop as a mesh from the 707 I built back in 3ds Max I am using it as a general shape guide. I have never really modeled a prop in Rhino aka CAD before so I watched some tutorials on the technics used to make them. I find it amazing the level of mathematical accuracy that these programs can go to, but it makes total sense. So using what I already know about prop shape and thrust, which isn't much coupled with the shape I already have and the fact that I have different intentions for it, I am trying to build one that meets both needs. Ultimately I do not plan to make the 707 a rc boat again. I just want it to be a model at t a larger scale than what I have currently, which is 1/350 and 1/1000. Anyway all this to say I am working on the CAD modeling of it now. I built the outer surface, but I am going to make the inner surface concave to allow better flow of water in the event I do decide to run this as RC some day.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 11.15.02 AM copy.jpg
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