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Thread: You use a Dremel? Need inforamtion.

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    For a AC powered tool I use the Black&Decker RTX.
    Can't beat it for the money.
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    Im currently using a Dremel400XPR to make 1:72 periscopes for the Revell Gato, IXC and VIIC.

    It is variable from 5000 to 35000 rpm. and comes with a flex shaft which helps prevent hand fatigue and hand heat.

    But even at it's lowest setting its a bit to fast for working with plastic sometimes and although it works for metal applications, sometimes i wish i had a jewelers lathe or mini milling machine.
    I will say it must be pretty well made because i have put a lot of hours on it , gotten it very hot for prolonged amount of use and put a lot of side-load on the bearings and still it works great.

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    You can always try the pawn shops, they always have a large selection of used tools. They usually have a couple of Dremels on the shelf also.

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