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Thread: Getting ready for tomorrows sub gathering.

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    Default Getting ready for tomorrows sub gathering.

    My Skipjack is ready and my GW is ready but will need to be watched just incase.

    ATF-E agent was an agent here a few days ago at which time I told him I had close the business later 2013.
    He said someone would contact me to come out and do a closed business inspection and fill out a form.

    Got an e-mail about 10 am.
    AFT was wanting to come see me again to do the closure stuff.
    Said I would be here and any time after noon would be fine.
    Reply was for between noon and 1pm.
    12::20pm, a car pulled in to the driveway.
    Same agent that was here a few days ago.

    As we walked tothe shop, he said he had to do this quickly.
    He just got a call saying he was needed in another town due to a break in.
    He took my FFL license and looked at my driver's license and gave me two receipts.
    He was on his way and I am officially closed.
    Agent did say there might be a followup inspection more to check up on his work than mine.
    He has only been an agent for two years.
    Told him, anyone is welcome to stop by, but sent e-mail to let me know so I will be here.

    As of today, my ammunition business is closed officially.
    No more thinking about it.

    Back to getting ready for tomorrow. The boats are ready to be put in their tranfer boxes and all that is left is to put together a few tools just in case.
    Though I do not like working on boats in the field.
    More or less, I need tools to open one of the cylinders should it need to be opened. (screw driver)

    Got my lunch made and in the fridge.
    Water and cold tea ready to go.

    I even washed the dust off my truck so I could see out the front window.
    Gas up the truck as I go out in the morning so I can get back home.

    I even cleaned off my work bench so it is ready to get back at the B-boat.

    I have a couple of good days.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    I purchased one of those 3D printed deck guns for the 1/48th S-25. I may have another project for you this summer. I plan on spending a chunk of my Christmas vacation on Mike Gruesen's SSN-21 and the S Class.


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