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Thread: "ALMA" a 1891 scow schooner

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    The hand rail outside has been taped, primed and painted.
    All is/was good.
    It all looked good after the white was painted.

    Then painting the brown deck line caused issues with the white.
    The tape lifted some spots on the white.
    Not a big problem but will require patience I don't usually have.
    I will let it all dry for a few days while I go back to plumbing in the house.

    Looking at the bow.
    I painted the brown line and the white up to the hand rail.
    This area is not quite 3/4" wide.
    I can see I need to scrape the chain pipe again.

    (as a size reference, the bow sprint where it goes through the hand rail boards is 1/2" square)

    Looking down the side.
    I have painted the bottom red, the deck line and the railing side.
    The rest still needs to be done.

    I am thinking, I need to consider painting some of this with a brush.

    Maybe I need to try some of the Frog Yellow Tape. humm!

    Looking at the stern
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    Had some time in the shop.
    My washing machine is in the shop.
    Turned the ALMA on it's side and looked over what I needed to do to fix the tape peeled paint.
    Tapes several sheets of paper together.
    Using the top rail and the rub board as my guide, I taped off the side.
    Covered the stern and bow.
    Using a hand held shield, I spray painted the hand rail very lightly.
    Let it sit for 30 minutes and sprayed it again.
    30 minutes and a 3rd coat.
    30m minutes and removed the tape..very carefully this time.
    Clean lines.

    Looked over the newly painted area and could see 4 places that needed to be touched up.
    Got out my brush and then putting some spray paint on a folded piece of paper, I dipped the brush in and then touched up the hull side.
    I think it looks good.
    I will let this set over night before trying the other side.
    I have made 3 special parts to fix that pipe under the floor.
    I took 1 1/2" white PVC connectors (because they are longer than the black drain pipe ones) and split them so I can, with effort, push them over the drain pipe and have plenty of pressure on the pipe.
    I plan to cover the inside of the connectors with a good silicone caulking just before pushing them on the pipe.

    I have a short piece of drain pipe to test my connectors on.

    I used my Dremel to grind out the edge at the center of the connector and I kept grinding until the pipe would slide through the connector. Lots of effort to do that.Measured and cutting.

    Finished part.

    Connector sitting on top of pipe.

    Connector on pipe by just pushing it down on the pipe.
    The pipe spreads the connector open and then it springs back.

    My problem is I can not reach the damaged pipe to cut it or saw it to put in a new section of pipe.

    After several tries and failures, I had to come up with some other solution.
    This is a drain pipe.
    There is no pressure in the pipe.
    So, I think using this spring clamp action of the plastic connector and covering with silicone should cover the hole in the pipe and hold the silicone in place.
    I sanded the inside of the connector and I will sand the drain pipe so the silicone will bond rather well.

    Why 3 connectors?
    1 for the known hole where the copper pipe rubbed through.
    2 for the places I tried to cut through, on top of the pipe. (I do not know if I got through the pipe or not but this solution is so simple that I think I will just cover the two places I tried to cut as insurance)

    I plan to do this tomorrow morning.
    I am feeling very good after the problems I had.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Well, the pvc spring clamp pieces worked as designed.
    I was so happy.
    Went about my daily stuff.
    I keep my own house clean and all house hold chores. (I live alone)

    Brushed my teeth and rinsed out a pan from the stove.
    When to the hole in the floor to start measuring for a replacement board.

    Went down the hall and as I got to the hole, What is that I hear?
    Water running down the pipe but there was more.
    Grabbed the flashlight and pointed in under the floor and I see water running like straight out of the faucet.
    This is not a leak....this is a gusher.
    I could see about where the water was coming from but it was on the back side of the pipe.
    I reached in and 2 fingers went in to a hole in the pipe right on top of the connector.

    Decided to figure out what used this drain pipe.
    Check 1 tub, 2 bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink.
    I already knew the tub drain I was working on went in to this pipe.

    Got the answer.
    The tub I was working on and the kitchen sink.

    This pipe that the water was coming from was the drain pipe to the washer location in the hall.
    This is where I am working in the wall.
    There is a panel cover to this pipe and the water supply tubes.
    I know there has not been a washer used in there since the house was put in place.
    Okay, I know what to do, cut the floor out so I can see under the floor.
    This is still under the cabinet that was built in this space.
    Saw I could get to the drain pipe just below the connector that was leaking.
    Once I had it out of the wall, I could see the problem.
    Critters appear to have chewed in to it, years ago.

    This I can fix with a short pipe and 2 connectors.

    Yea, that's not the end of the story.
    Looking at the other pipes with the flashlight,
    I could see a repair that was done long ago.
    2 stainless clamps and some sort of rubber cover.
    It was dripping.
    I did some checking and it is leaking but I was hoping it was water running from the pipe with the hole in it.
    I am not sure and I had been lying on the floor and sawing and hammering and breaking/removing things.
    My back was telling me I better stop before I started hurting.
    The choice was easy. It's Monday and Monday is Mexican lunch.

    Tomorrow, I will look carefully with a flash light and run a little water, slowly to see if it is a leak or was water coming from the other hole.
    And I need to find out if I can each the clamp bolts to remove it.
    I still have 1 more joist section of floor I can cut out before I am not under the cabinets any more.

    This project has convinced me it's time to go looking for a new place to live.
    I have been threatening to move to AZ for years.
    I was planning to go this weekend to start looking but this problem needs to be fixed before I go.
    Now some good news.
    I go for Mexican lunch twice a week.
    There are 3 women who do the tables.
    We talk every time I am there about everything.
    Today, I asked the 2 who where there today if they could use kitchen blenders.
    I happen to have 3.
    I do not think any of them have ever been used.
    1 is still in the original box.
    So, next Monday, I will take blenders with me and they an have them or not.

    I have lots of stuff to get rid of.
    I got all my mothers stuff when she died and I got all my dad's stuff when he dies.
    So, I have 3 house holds worth of stuff.
    The big furniture is already go.
    Mostly kitchen stuff and shelf stuff.
    Nothing I need or want.
    Thought I would start giving it away instead of taking it to the dump.

    I have been thinking I should just go and leave everything here and start over.
    Take only take the things I have used in the past 5 years.

    Sorry, this is not important here but stuff I need to get after.
    I have put it off long enough.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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