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Thread: Return to the Skipjack modifications

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    While at lunch, I sat and watch as the California ABC (liquor enforcement) when through the restaurant's bar.
    I learned how they check for bottles liquor that has been diluted with water, other liquors, and mixes...like margaritas.
    Learn what is legal and what is not.

    The one I didn't know was you can not take liquor from an almost empty bottle and pour t in to another partial bottle of the same brand and type of liquor.
    They can check a bottle and know it was combined.
    The law is a bonded liquor bottle can only be used once and has to be trashed. (best if broken in trash can to avoid using again)

    You can not add a mix drink ingredient in to a liquor bottle. (say 1/4 liquor and 3/4 mix)
    You do this in a pitcher or other container not a liquor bottle.

    I learned how they can tell a bottle has had more of the same liquor added to it. (2 bottles combined..not allowed)

    The test was so simple.
    A bottle of any liquor is held in hand and shaken so the contents spins in the bottle.
    Then a strong flash light is shined up from the bottom and they look at the tornado in the bottle and can see the liquor separate.
    I asked and was told that even the same brand and type of liquor will show signs of separation.
    An mix added will show particles like suspended dust in the liquor.

    There was no ticket of fine but there was a notice that the employees will need to read an online training article and take an online test on the California liquor enforcement web site.

    I asked what was the clue of this combining in the bottles?
    Inspector said, she first noticed a mix bottle with the seal broken and the bottle was over full.
    Then with a little looking a small funnel was found behind the bar.
    This lead to check all the open bottles behind the bar. (maybe 10 minutes to check an 8' bar with 3 deep bottles.
    There was 1 inspector going through stock while a second inspector kept the staff busy with questions and showing then a hard copy of the test material.
    I saw the distraction going on.

    The complete ABC inspection took 20-30 minutes.
    I asked and this was normal for restaurants that really do not have violations, just small infractions that could be corrected by being pointed out.
    I found it interesting.

    But then I was use to the AFT-E inspector showing up unannounced once every 18 to 24 months and then within 2 months the county inspector showing up for their inspection results.
    Turns out the county waits for the fed to publish their report and distribute to the counties.
    Never a problem.
    The AFT-E was there more to explain compliance and help me/you correct as much as possible while their are there.
    Then sign me off as in compliance.
    They didn't want to come back for a second inspection f they didn't have to. I am a long way from no where.
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    Forgot my point of the post.

    While at lunch after ABC inspectors left, I was thinking about my Skipjack.

    I think the easiest way to align the top hull to the bottom hull is to spot glue the hull back together after I mark where I want the new hull cuts.
    This will keep everything straight.

    My plan is to recut the bow using the hull on it's horizontal center line.
    And I want to move the rear top Z cut back about 1" closer tot he rudder.
    Better access to the rudder and rear planes yokes.

    Using wax paper to cover places I do not want glued should help.
    Use tape to hold things straight as the plastic cement does what it does.
    I think I can do this in a couple of hours.

    I think I will do a practice tape up with no glue and no cutting on Wednesday or Thursday.

    Want to do this before I forget what I was thinking.

    Not to worry, I am making drawings and instruction so I don't forget.
    1. Do not glue fingers to hull...this time.

    Because this is a major modification, I think I will remove all the ballast lead weights and start over with them all closer to the hull turning axis. (about the back of the sail, maybe a little forward of that)

    I am going to see how clean I can do this because I do not want to remove draft marks.
    I do not have a second set.

    So, keep watching, some real fun will begin soon.
    Hey, I looked for a new hull but everyone thinks theirs are worth real gold.

    I am just going to enter the world of Kit Bashing in a big way.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    I have a short update.

    Over the weekend, I had an issue with my transportation box.
    Actually both boxes.

    When I get to the pond, I set the box on the picnic table bench and take the lid of and set it on the bench top.
    I put the 2 stands pieces up and put the bungee i place to keep the stands up.

    The issue came after I place the Skipjack on the stand.
    I moved the boat forward on the stand a little to get the boat centered on the stand.
    The stand piece that was hinged in the direction I was moving the boat, was pushed over by the boat's weight.
    The bungee was not strong enough to keep the stand piece up.

    So, this morning, I made a cable with and eye at each end that just fit between the stand ends.
    They already have screw eyes for the bungee hooks.
    I opened the eyes just enough to get the .030" cable through. (not to worry, cable rated 500#)
    Now I raise the stand and hook the cable between the stand ends.
    The cable is tight.
    I actually have to put pressure on the ends to get them close enough to hook the cable.
    No more falling stand ends.

    Now to make another cable for the Akula II box.

    I do have an idea for a better way of using the cable.
    Eye on one end and a threaded bolt on the other that goes through the stand piece where I can use a thumb nut to tighten the cable as needed and remove it when not needed.

    "First rule of model submarines.
    They are never finished. Never! (hey, every time you bump the pond bottom/side, there is paint to touch up)
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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