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Thread: Disaster has struck.

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    Today, I have been on the phone with support, three times.
    I asked if he could set everything back to default and then start from there.
    He asked why?
    I said, well, for 1 reason, the user name that is displayed is most of my password.
    So we started over and got that straightened out.
    Went through setup again and it was different this time. hummm?
    Work a bit on the e-mail issue but that was not going well because the web host was still not right.

    After resetting everything, I started trying to get to the web site.
    I can but I had no idea where it was on thenet.
    The ftp said it was there but I could not see it and the error said the server didn't see it.

    Then me being me, I started looking and trying different things.
    45 minutes of pounding keys, I see my web site index page.
    Stop, what did I do?
    I changed the url.
    Everyone knows w w w . n a m e . c o m (space so the link is not active.
    Well, I had removed the w w w from the url.
    There's my page.
    I added 2 more simple pages and I could see them if I deleted the w w w.
    Call support again.
    Got through in 6 minutes. wow.
    He talked me through editing the way the serve looks at url.
    Had me add to settings.

    Turns out the host setting had not been set to recognize w w w and only urls without.

    Ask if this could be the problem with not receiving e-mail?
    Yep, the same missing stuff.

    Basically, everything was linking in a circle and not stopping.

    I have to wait up to 48 hours for the new server request to take effect.
    E-mail started working with in 5 minutes.
    A boat load of test are coming through. (8 days worth)
    Got the last pipe fix in yesterday and letting it cure for a couple of days.
    No sense testing today when the hardware store is close.
    I did measure for the new plywood floor patch section.
    2'x4'x3/4" and some 2x4s and 2x4 to make frames.

    Good thing I had no where to be this past week.
    I am having so much fun...NOT!
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Today, Sunday has been a very busy day, so far!
    For 9 days my web sites have been down. Actually completely deleted from server.
    I have spent lot of time with support and today, I think things are going my way.
    I have access to my web hosting server.
    I am in the process of uploading years of pages and data.

    What I just saw makes me happy.
    The images I posted on this forum disappeared and now I see some are coming back.
    I am currently uploading my Akula II files.
    Took a look at the build thread and I see images starting to reappear.

    I hope the images reappear on the other threads as I upload more files to my server.
    Fingers crossed.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Sorry to hear about this. What an expenditure of time and energy!

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    It appears I have recovered.
    It seems this happens to me about every 5 to 6 years.
    I have learned to keep an organized fold and file that is identical to what I upload to the net.
    I have secondary folders and files where I work on the images and page before they are ready to upload.
    So, basically I have a mirror image of my net stuff.
    I can highlight a folder and upload the folder and all it's associated files.
    I did this because it is one thing to rebuild on the same host but a completely different thing to move to another host.

    I have my net stuff so I only have to redirect my domain names and all the links remain the same.
    Sundays recovery require the uploading of over 250 pages and over 3500 images.
    Most of the time was chasing links to make sure they went where they were suppose to.

    I did get rid of a lot of orphan pages and images.
    I have no idea where they were linked in from.
    That reminds me...
    Anyone who finds a link that does not go where it should or images that do not display, let me know exactly where you found this happening.
    I will go in and see if I can get it back up.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Thanks for your work Ralph. I enjoy this site.
    It is one of just a few small islands in the ocean of model submarining with unique insights into the hobby.

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    How did I miss this response.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    This site works because of the contributions of the people who post their work and experiences.
    From the most experienced model builders to those just starting out.

    Just remember, the best builders had to start some where at some time.
    They were not always the best builders.

    Submarines are a bit different from other models. Airplanes, cars, ships, there's more to it because of the environment we playing.
    I see so many new comers disappear after a few months or year.
    It looks like they get frustrated and over whelmed and just put their boat in the garage on a shelf and forget about them.

    What I think happens is they try to think about building the complete boat and things get complicated.
    These projects are big in scope but if you break the boat down in to smaller projects.
    Work to completion and then start another small project.
    Soon you will have lots of finished small items that you can start assembling in to larger sections.
    Combine the sections and then you have a boat.

    Things are built by attaching one part to another.
    And then adding another part.
    Continue doing this until all parts are together.
    Your focus is on the smaller portion of the complete project and much easier to finish.

    Don't be afraid of making mistakes.
    You are the builder.
    Think of mistakes and things that need to be upgraded.
    Just rebuild that part. (I have boxes full f these mistake parts)
    You build something and it does not work out.
    Build it again and don't do that things that din't work.
    Consider this as improved modifications.

    If you followed my Skipjack built, you will see several modification done after the boat was running.
    The last modifications was to cut the Z cut bow off and make the hull a center line cut.
    (should have done this in the first place. I like it and it works so much better)

    The point is do not get over whelmed.
    Put parts together everyday.
    My minimum is 10 minutes every day.
    I can find 10 minutes to glue a couple of parts together or cut a few parts out I can shape tomorrow.

    And if you make a mistake, post it.
    I do.
    I do in hopes others will see what and how I made the mistake and they can find another way to do what I tried to do.
    I learn from others who post.
    On that note:
    I am almost finish with the piping under the house which required me to work through the floor under cabinets (I removed) because there is no room under the house to get to the pipe.
    Water testing of pipes has gone well.
    Rebuilding of the floor holes has started.
    I have been painting on the side rails of the ALMA every couple of days.
    It is progressing slowly but it is moving forward.
    I think I will be able to put more time in the ALMA starting next week.
    At least that's my plan.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Pipes repaired and water tested.
    Made it to the hardware store for lumber and parts to rebuild the floor.

    Here I have cleaned the area where I am working.
    The opening in the floor is about 31"x15".

    I cut the opening in the floor to square up the corners and make the sides straight.
    CU the 3/4" plywood panel that fits in to the opening.

    I have put 3/4"x2" wooden strips for the plywood to sit on.
    I now need to assemble the 4 pieces needed to rebuild the wall plate and floor under the tub.
    I also have a panel I can put under the tub and screw to the wall to cover the other side of the wall.
    Then I will make another panel for the cabinet side.

    I should have this done tomorrow or at the latest, on Friday.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    I forgot to mention, while at the hardware store, I got all the needed material to built a transportation box for the ALMA.
    I keep moving it around so I can get to my work bench and I worry I might bump it and break things off.
    Best way I can think of to protect the ALMA is to build a transportation box for it.
    I will leave it a little tall because I don't know yet just how tall to make the box.
    This box will be a little different.
    All the boxes I have built up to now, opened by lifting the lid up and off.
    I think I will make this box so the boat stays on it's stand and the box lifts up off the bottom and the boat stays on the bottom.

    The subs have to be lifted up and set down in to the box without bumping the control surfaces.
    I have not yet broke any control surfaces at the box but it has come close a time or two.

    My plan is to build the box over the weekend. (hoping)
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Made the assembly that replaces the wall plate, floor, floor support edges and the top support that holds everything in place on top of the old wall plate.


    Parts assembled and set in place. (not screwed down as it has to be removed to see during last water test)
    This fills the opening you see in the photo 2 up from here.

    After the leak test, I need to put all the in floor insulation back in before closing up the floor.
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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    Had a few minutes this morning.
    Did a quick leak test.
    All good on this end.
    Wall repair assembly now in place and screwed in.
    New floor panel in place and screwed down.

    Now to take advantage of the rest of the day.
    Good eatin' and if you're driving, be safe. (the crazies are out in force today)
    SSBN 598 - blue/nuke trained IC/forward

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