Earlier I posted how it got cold and I was thinking about bring some things inside to work on.

While watching TV, I had to go out side and turn on a few small lights (incandescent type) which are placed in ground boxes to keep pipes from freezing.

The 2 local tv weather reports put up Cold Weather Warnings.

Seems tonight the temp is going down to 19.
will stay there or in low 20s for the next 4 days or so.

I have in ground boxes next to pipes that have froze in the past.
I have put electric light fixtures in the bottom that keep the pipes warm enough not to freeze. (tested to 8F)

I did not like replacing all the pipes the froze and broke that year.
A lot of digging to get to may of the pipes.

Hoping I got them on soon enough to warm up the ground around the exposed pipes.
Will see in the morning.